Formacell OÜ is an Estonian marketing company, which helps to make property into cash as quickly as possible. The company was founded in 2016, operates in Estonia and internationally, incl. in Finland. The activities of Formacell OÜ are active and of high quality, the work is performed under the terms agreed upon with the customer and in the best interests of the customer. The long-term customer relationships are the most important for the company. Although it is a company with a new name, the company has over ten years of experience and skills in the real estate market. In Estonia we sell and lease real estate objects, apartments, offices and plots of land.

We have a personalized approach to serving all our customers, no matter whether they are a private client or a larger company. We effectively find buyers and lessees for apartments and commercial spaces of all sizes, including also the largest real estate objects. The main goal is to find a new owner or lessee for the property as quickly as possible.

Formacell OÜ is a reliable partner for an Estonian entrepreneur or investor upon purchasing or leasing a property in the economic area of Helsinki. The company knows that real estate market, Finnish legislation on real estate and knows how to reliably arrange a purchase-sale or lease. The clients are served in the Estonian, Russian and English languages. Finnish Formacell OÜ is a reliable partner upon purchasing an apartment or another object in Estonia. The customer is served from the start to finish; business is conducted, objects are presented and transactions are arranged in Finnish.

In Estonia purchase and sales are always certified by a notary public, Formacell OÜ providing the official translator required by law. Formacell OÜ helps Finnish real estate investors to market the premises in Finland owned by them with the aim of finding a lessee or purchaser candidate for the premises. Formacell OÜ advertises real estate objects in the most important Estonian and Finnish real estate Internet portals, and extensively uses its international customer relationships.

Please kindly contact us by phone or email, we will arrange a meeting and agree upon how we can help you with your project.